I’m at Church today running our YouTube broadcast for those who are unable to attend in person. When a man walks in in a red shirt, jeans and a red backpack. I’m in the back and he comes by me and my wife. We both give him an enthusiastic wave to welcome him. He sits, 3-4 folding chairs behind us alone. I felt impressed to go sit with him and introduce myself. My wife takes over the broadcast duties and I say hello. Exchange names and asked him if it’s his first time here. It is. He grew up catholic and I explained that just like the Catholic were having the sacrament given to us and he’s welcome to take of it or not. I then explain what to expect in our meeting. A minute later 3 police officers come in and spot him and quietly asked him to come with them. I tell him, I think they want you to go with them. It’ll be fine. They come up to us and walk him out without incident. Take his bag and check him for weapons as he leaves. I then went out a minute later Bishop asked to make sure everything was ok. He wasn’t cuffed outside in the parking lot and they were just talking. Officer said everything was ok but to lock all our doors. So I did so. Informing people to keep the door closed for now I then wait and the man is taken away in an ambulance. The moment the ambulance doors closed I check in with the officers. We have a little chat they told me it was a mental health issue. They saw him earlier and he was avoiding them. They followed him to our church. Swept our parking lot and then came in. They were happy to see I was with him and that he was calm while they entered. I then unlocked the doors and texted my Bishop the update and I’m just exhausted by it all